We own all devices needed for the best treatment. They are all at our disposal, which means that our clients don´t need to visit several places.

  • i-cat

    i-cat – a dental 3D-CT device capable of reconstructing a complete 3D model of facial areas. It has amazing benefits for implant therapy, orthodontics planning, as well as endodontics, using a minimal amount of X-ray radiation (compared to an average flight). Thanks to i-CAT we are able to determine the certain position of important anatomic structures (e.g.: nerves in a lower jaw, sinuses in an upper jaw) and we use this information in the subsequent therapy (e.g. in implant position planning).

  • Operative microscope

    Operative microscope – an operative microscope helps us treat our patients with detailed precision. Thanks to our microscope we are able to find even those kinds of root canals which are normally invisible. Naturally, such treatment is more successful. Apart from the root canal treatment we use microscope in prosthetics and during tooth restorations.

  • VELscope

    VELscope – we offer our patients special non-invasive oral cancer screening with a fluorescent appliance called VELscope. This check-up is absolutely painless and lasts no more than 10 minutes.

  • Dental unit A-dec 500

    Dental unit A-dec 500 – as we want the best for our clients, we choose one of the best options in the market which combines patients´ comfort as well as easy and ergonomic work a doctor needs to perform.

  • Intraoral camera VISTA PROOF

    Intraoral camera VISTA PROOF – a unique instrument for communication with our patients. Thanks to this camera we can transfer the situation in the mouth and show it to the patient on a display.

  • Apex locator

    Apex locator – with this instrument we have a possibility to precisely measure length to the tenth of a millimetre during root canal treatment (endodontics) without the need to undertake the X-ray examination. According to a scientific research, this method based on electrical resistance of tissues is considered to be even more accurate.

  • Airflow, Newtron

    Airflow, Newtron – when removing pigmentation on tooth surface or dental stone we use a device based on either ultrasonic oscillation, or a strong flow of air and fine powder. The feeling of a teeth cleaned this way is simply amazing.

  • X-ray device

    X-ray device – correct and reliable diagnostics comprises the foundation of a successful treatment. That´s the reason why our clinic is well equipped with modern digital imaging systems, which reduces doses of X-ray radiation and brings even more information.